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Life IS Good


I have been quite busy lately, what with water aerobics three times a week,  cooking healthy meals, taking a trip to Pittsburgh to see my sisters, seeking opportunities to help those in need, planning for a beach trip with friends, enjoying a long weekend vacation with my husband in Florida, and taking up needlepoint as another way to keep my brain active.  Because of this, I decided to take a month off and, instead, hired four experts to enlighten us on what really makes life good. I hope you enjoy their answers:

jackJack (8): computer games; going to second grade; talking with my Mom; Spiderman; my friends Noah and Michael; breakfast; parks; relaxing; saying Hi to Daddy; Tae kwon do; loving Mom and Dad; hugs.



gracieGracie (4): making silly faces; jumping up and down; doggies and kittens; Jesus; coloring; jumping rope; wearing a soft hat when it snows; mittens; Aunt Laura; playing dress up; my favorite color – hot pink; glitter sticks; painting with my friends.


haleyHaley (9): A good family; French fries; Barbies; dolls; books; hot tubs; sports; dancing; Wii; bubbles; cows; ice cream; a good teacher.



hannahHannah (12): water bottles, peanut butter & jelly; family; good friends; shopping; no homework; chairs that spin in circles; roller coasters; e-mail; nice people; slippers, long nails, fruit.




If you would like to share the things that make you feel Life Is Good, please click on ‘comments.’

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