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As you probably know, Greg and were Honorary Co-Chairs of this year’s Charlotte Memory Walk, located at Symphony Park near SouthPark Mall. The Park has a large, lovely lawn — and a wonderful band shell, where Greg and I spoke on the stage to some 2,000 participants. Other speakers included a friend of ours who has Alzheimer’s Disease, and Former Mayor Pat McCrory, who made a touching talk about how the illness has affected his family.

We enjoyed welcoming everyone and thanked them for their support. Greg had been teasing me about being ‘queen’ of the walk and said I needed to practice my ‘royal wave.’ Apparently he told the Western N.C. Alzheimer’s Association staff about his teasing. Unfortunately, the staff took action by making us wear special crowns to designate ‘Her Majesty’ and ‘His Majesty’ — and they forced us to wear them on stage and during the walk. They did make for a fun, but ‘dorky’ photo opportunity!

Meanwhile, the weather was fabulous – and so were the participants. Grandparents walked. Parents walked. Young children walked, donating their allowance to the cause. Even dogs walked! Most of our family was in town to participate in the Walk, and my sister in Pittsburgh supported us long-distance.

While the Walk is for a serious cause, the event was fun. There was plenty of entertainment, including singing, dancing, face-painting, viewing old model cars, buying raffle tickets, bidding on paintings by an Alzheimer’s patient and more. At the end of the day, the Walk was extremely successful. We don’t have a final tally yet, but the overall Walk goal was $150,000, and we exceeded that amount by several thousand dollars the day of the Walk…and  money is still coming in!

Greg and I feel very blessed to have been so involved in helping the Walk succeed. Together, all of us were able to raise awareness, provide care and support for families affected by the illness, and generate donations to help us end Alzheimer’s Disease.

Most of all, however, it was a beautiful day – AND, a beautiful day to remember!


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